Worker fined for reversing forklift without looking




A Queensland worker has been fined $3,000, without conviction, after CCTV footage showed him failing to look where he was going when he reversed a forklift into a colleague at a specialty wholesale bakery in Darra.

The colleague, who had just exited a nearby freezer room, was crushed against a second, stationary forklift and sustained soft tissue injuries.

Before Richlands Magistrate Stuart Shearer, the worker pleaded guilty to breaching sections 28 (“Duties of workers”) and 32 (“Failure to comply with health and safety duty–category 2”) of the State Work Health and Safety Act 2011, in failing to ensure his conduct didn’t put the safety of other workers at risk.

In fining the worker just two per cent of the maximum available penalty of $150,000, the Magistrate noted he cooperated with Workplace Health and Safety Queensland’s investigation, and his employment was terminated after the November 2018 incident.

Magistrate Shearer found that reversing a forklift without looking was an act of “gross stupidity”.