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Last week sentencing was handed down following the first industrial manslaughter case in Australia following a fatality at the business in question.

The sentencing should send shivers down any Director’s spine. The failure of the Directors in question to have a simple Traffic Management Plan in their facility has resulted in a fine of $3 million, which will most likely be the demise of their business.

This case is a strong call to action for anyone who is responsible for a business which has any mobile plant equipment in use, this includes forklifts and trade pick up traffic.  It should also serve as a reminder to all Directors to start asking questions at the next Board meeting on the work health and safety measures in place, as ultimately, you will be held liable as the two young Directors at this business have been.

A more detailed analysis of what has happened in this case, and what you need to know can be read here.

I urge you to get in touch about a Board Briefing on Industrial Manslaughter so you can be fully informed on your responsibilities and obligations in your business.

Our workplace health and safety division can assist you with the implementation of a Traffic Management Plan.

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