Sly Bros Employees need your help

It has been an extremely tough month for so many people throughout the world, and today, in this special edition of F&T Time, Kersten speaks to FTMA Members, David & Mark Sly, Directors of Sly Bros who have been impacted by the recent flood disaster in South East Queensland and Northern NSW which you can listen to via your podcast apps or directly via the F&T Time Podcast page at this link –

In the community of Woodburn alone, 95% of the residential and all businesses have been destroyed and they are not the only town in the area with sad statistics like this.  This catastrophic storm was not just a flood but a disaster for the entire Northern Rivers Region. 

In this episode, Kersten speaks with Mark & David Sly about what happened, what the real impact is and what must be done to ensure this flood doesn’t become a business, town and region ending event.

Eight employees of Sly Bros have lost everything as a result of the devastating floods. David and Mark have set up a GoFundMe for their eight employees.

To donate to the Sly Bros employees directly, please use this link –
 If you need someone to talk to, call:

Source: Kersten Gentle – FTMA Australia