Recruitment and Staffing

We’ve all heard the news stories about record low unemployment with June’s seasonally adjusted rate being 3.5% amid the COVID pandemic recovery. People looking for work dropped dramatically with those looking for a full time job falling to just 342,700. Employment rose to a new peak of 13.6 million.

These figures are reflected within TABMA Apprentices & Trainees and our recruitment efforts for host employers.

Record low unemployment and employment numbers mean that there are less people looking for jobs. This is turn offers many more opportunities for those seeking a job and drives up the wages being offered to people to secure their services.

Within the trainee and apprenticeship market the effect of this is profound. The attractiveness of securing a traineeship or an apprenticeship is being offset by short term financial gain. People are being presented with the option of a training role at an average, above award pay rate, of around $18 per hour for a new entrant. Many weigh this up against a job in hospitality, labouring or retail offering pay rates up to $35 per hour (and some organisations are even offering generous signup bonuses). With spiralling cost of living increases the extra money will win most of the time with the young people hoping the roles will lead to alternative career paths.

These market conditions mean that TABMA Host Employers must consider the values in training new industry entrants in a different light. To take the attitude that we will withhold training until the market settles will have an overall detrimental effect on the industry in future years: and, there is no accurate prediction as to when the situation will change.

Investing in skilling the timber and building materials industry’s future professionals is essential and careful consideration being given to the terms and conditions of traineeships and apprenticeships is vital. TABMA’s highly experienced front line team members, our recruiters and field officers, can assist you and guide your decision making through real life industry intelligence. Give them a call and have a chat about your team needs and the market demands.

Training is the key to industry skill development

We would like to introduce you to Olivia, a Timber Systems Design trainee placed with the Williams Group Australia. Olivia’s traineeship will provide her with deep knowledge in the design of timber frames, trusses and flooring cassettes, preparing her for a career as a skilled designer/estimator.

The Certificate III in timber Systems design is a comprehensive formal qualification that provides students with a thorough understanding of the designing and estimating. It is a lot more than just learning the software providing a deep understanding of the industry. The course is contextualised to the host employer’s work processes and the design software used and ensures that the frame & truss manufacturing industry is developing well trained, qualified people.