Recruitment and GTO update



The ground-breaking decision handed down in May 2020 by the Federal Court of Australia confirmed that casual employees who work regular and systematic hours with ‘predictable periods of overtime’ are likely to be considered permanent employees. This means that employers could soon face up to six years’ worth of back-pay claims for leave, public holidays, and other entitlements from their casual workers. 


As an industry that has long relied on casual employees this is alarming. It is evident in this decision that even having appropriate employment contracts in place is not enough to protect against these claims. The previous allure of paying a 25% casual loading and then having no obligations to pay any type of leave entitlements is no longer guaranteed. As a final blow, employers may also be unable to claim restitution for the casual loading they have paid an employee if a claim is brought against them! Suddenly a casual workforce is no longer the easy solution. Now more than ever is the time to reconsider how we engage our workforce. 


This decision, in conjunction with our ageing workforce, means that traineeships are not only the logical solution but also the most practical. Engaging a trainee through TABMA means enjoying all the flexibility previously associated with a casual worker, with none of the risk. TABMA, as the legal employer, assumes all of the risk and effort associated with recruiting and starting a new employee. Our probation periods provide a suitable timeframe for our host employers to consider if their trainee is the perfect fit and if a trainee is handed back to us it is our job to find them other appropriate employment. 


Our host employers do not pay their trainees while they are on personal or annual leave or for any public holidays where they do not work.  This arrangement mimics the flexibility and practicality that employers seek in a casual agreement while developing staff and securing a valuable workforce for the long term – often at a lower cost! TABMA offers full-time and part-time traineeships in a range of areas from traditional timber yard hand, hardware sales and warehousing positions through to internal accounts, estimating and design as well as the full suite of office administration and business support roles. For any job you have, we have a traineeship that will fit!  


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