Pandemic relief – TABMA contributed $711,000 in financial support for host employers to June 2020



The myriad of Government incentives which have been introduced to support the economy during the current pandemic crisis has given a much needed boost to businesses and TABMA is delighted to have claimed, administered and distributed $711,000 to our host employers in the financial year to June 2020. 


The cash incentive to support apprentices and trainees was based on our host employers circumstances. The claim and distribution was administered by TABMA to provide a $177,000 boost to our host employers to assist in keeping apprentices and trainees in their roles and continuing their training. 


The Job Keeper incentive was introduced to give a cash boost to employers and keep their employees connected to them.  The TABMA management team swiftly took the decision to pass this incentive to our host employers as a way of supporting their businesses and preserving the training contracts of our apprentices and trainees.  The industry needs to continue to develop the skills required for economic recovery and the future of the industry.  TABMA has contributed $534,000 to our host employers in the financial year to 30 June 20.  While its too early to say if TABMA will continue to be eligible for the Job Keeper extension, early indications are that this will be the case and TABMA is happy to continue to pass this incentive on to our hosts.