Ongoing Shipping Delays/ Congestions/ Omissions 

Our partners at ADM Global have provided us with another update on international shipping.


  • Transhipment delays/congestion are incurring at all major transhipment ports – up to 2 weeks delay with further delays expected with the incoming
  • Omissions continue while the Shipping Lines work through schedule recovery
  • Equipment/space is beginning to ease
  • Increases to Timeslot/Dehire/Infrastructure charges Australia Wide effective as of 1st MAR 2022
  • Local transport delays due to ongoing Covid cases – exemptions now in place for the transport sector and service disruptions are easing
  • Shipping lines are now introducing NEW surcharges, such as ‘container maintenance fees’ + ‘overweight surcharges’
  • Transhipment ports remain congested and services can be cancelled
  • Global fuel supply is being impacted due to the Ukrainian conflict


  • Congestion and delay ex all major CN is beginning to ease
  • No further GRI announcements at this stage
  • Freight rates have stabilised
  • China has now been added to the ‘emerging risk countries’ with heighten surveillance and subject to inspection upon arrival – BMSB has been found on China origin cargo
  • China main ports are experiencing lockdowns due to increasing Covid-19 cases – this may have an impact on services/rates in the coming weeks


  • Equipment issues and overbooking in Indonesia are a remain a challenge and are impacted by ongoing feeder delays/transhipment port congestion
  • Lack of equipment and overbooked vessels are leading to shipments being rolled and congestion at origin ports
  • South East Asia transhipment ports are highly congested and as a result shipping lines have CANCELLED sailings to ease the congestion
  • Freight rates remain stable and as services continue to normalise, reductions could be anticipated


  • The amount of vessels at anchor off the coast of Californian ports is slowly reducing, showing improvement on the US trade and Global Supply Chain
  • Intermodal services in the US are slowly returning to normal as the US continues to lift Covid-19 restrictions


  • Schedule recovery is the main concern/goal to regain some order to the fractured network
  • BLANK sailings have been announced impacting Import/Export into all major European hubs
  • Shipping line are declining bookings/quotation requests due to schedule recovery/over capacity
  • Driver shortages across the Europe and the UK – UK lead time from port to delivery is on average 10 days post arrival
  • Transport services are being impacted due to the ongoing Ukrainian conflict and increasing global fuel demand


  • Fuel charges continue to increase in AU due to the global shortage
  • No PIA action has been announced, at this stage
  • PONDUS weight amendment fee is now applicable in BNE/SYD/MEL – containers that are selected for random weighing at Patricks Terminals will be subject to a fee if found to be mis-declared
  • Protects regarding Climate Change have resulted in Blockades at Port Botany on the 22.03.22, along with a police operation restricting access to the Port – further protests are planned in JUNE