Ongoing Shipping Delays/Congestion/Omissions


  • Transhipment delays/congestion are incurring at all major transhipment ports – up to 6 weeks delay with further delays expected with the incoming
  • Omissions continue while the Shipping Lines work through schedule recovery
  • Equipment/space remains in high demand – equipment issues in South East Asia are becoming more challenging with bookings not being received until mid – late NOV
  • Cancellations of bookings due to equipment/space/transhipment issues/blank sailings are being experienced and we are working through rebookings


  • Congestion and delay ex all major CN ports continue
  • No further GRI announcements at this stage


  • Equipment issues and overbooking in Indonesia are now becoming a challenge. At this stage, we have had to rebook shipments and look for alternative solutions – we aim to book cargo under our preferred rate with FAK as an alternative option
  • Lack of equipment and overbooked vessels are leading to shipments being rolled and congestion at origin ports
  • South East Asia transhipment ports are highly congested and as a result shipping lines have CANCELLED sailings to ease the congestion


  • There is currently an average of 74 vessels at anchor off the coast of Long Beach port at any one time – the terminals are continuously challenged to work through the ongoing backlog with further congestion as the peak season continues, further displacing vessel routings and equipment out of rotation –
  • Intermodal services in the US have been suspended with many containers not being moved from ports into inland locations, creating further delays and in particular on the intermodal (train network) and trucking services
  • Driver shortages continue along with equipment bottlenecks, leading to delays across the US


  • Suspension of services continue with many lines rejecting new bookings while the congestion is cleared out
  • Schedule recovery is the main concern/goal to regain some order to the fractured network
  • BLANK sailings have been announced impacting Import/Export into all major European hubs
  • Shipping line are declining bookings/quotation requests due to schedule recovery/over capacity


  • No further PIA action has been announced – however, there has been announcement that Patricks has applied to the FWC for termination of the agreement with the MUA due to the ongoing disputes
  • Fuel charges continue to increase in AU due to the global shortage
  • Tentative information from the terminals is that PIA action may be planned for closer to the Christmas period
  • PONDUS weight amendment fee is now applicable in BNE and MEL – we are working with the suppliers to be compliant