Ongoing Shipping Delays/Congestion/Omission

Moving forward, our partners at ADM Global will be providing us with an update on each newsletter on international shipping. The delays in shipping and increased shipping costs have significantly impacted the price of timber over the past 18 months. We hope you find the information useful.

Indonesia bookings are now being accepted for LATE OCT however equipment is still a concern as lines continue to lack equipment and reposition to fulfil export requirements. There is now intervention from the Indonesian Government, providing support to the suppliers with the lines. How we will see improvements from this, we will know more in the coming weeks.


  • Transhipment delays/congestion are incurring at all major transhipment ports – up to 6 weeks delay with further delays expected with the incoming
  • Omissions continue while the Shipping Lines work through schedule recovery – lines have cancelled planned schedules in the lead up to GOLDEN WEEK
  • Equipment/space remains in high demand – equipment issues in South East Asia are becoming more challenging with bookings not being received until mid – late OCT
  • Some shipping lines have announced potentially CAPPING spot rates until FEB 1st 2022 – CMA GROUP/HAPAG has confirmed the FAK rates have been CAPPED which means that ex Asia, the rates have stabilised


  • Congestion and delay ex all major CN ports continue
  • GRI’s have been announced for OCT from some lines however rates ex CHINA are beginning to stabilise due to CAPPING
  • China is closed for GOLDEN WEEK from the 1st – 8th OCT and this is impacting shipments/sailings causing delays


  • Equipment issues and overbooking in Indonesia are now becoming a challenge. At this stage, we have had to rebook shipments and look for alternative solutions – we aim to book cargo under our preferred rate with FAK as an alternative option
  • Lack of equipment and overbooked vessels are leading to shipments being rolled and congestion at origin ports
  • South East Asia transhipment ports are highly congested and as a result shipping lines have CANCELLED sailings to ease the congestion


  • Further Covid cases have been confirmed at the MEL terminals.
  • WITHDRAWAL of the nationwide Patricks MUA – all updates on current operations below. MEL is the most impacted at this time, followed by SYD delays and BNE with LOW impact