Meet Dean Wilson, TABMA’s WHS Officer

WHS Officer


Dean has been part of the TABMA team since 2015, originally in the role of trainer but more recently in the role of Workplace Health and Safety Officer. This year has been somewhat of a challenge for Dean, stepping up and keeping on top of the continual changes that COVID has presented and the implications for you and your workplaces.


How did you start at TABMA?

I had been working at a local frame and truss company for several years and was looking for my next challenge. I saw the position being advertised for a trainer in the timber industry and thought it would be interesting to do something different. Now five years later, I am the National Workplace Health and Safety Officer!


What skills have you picked up since working at TABMA?

I had never been qualified as a trainer and assessor so I had to complete a qualification to do the role, which was really interesting. I also completed a Certificate IV in WHS while at TABMA so I have picked up quite a few things along the way.


What is your favourite part of your role?

I really enjoy going out and visiting all of the members and our trainees and apprentices. It is always interesting to me to see the way different companies do things and how they have come up with new and efficient ways of working. I also enjoy making sure that sites are as safe as possible not only for our trainees and apprentices but also for all workers in our industry!


Where is your favourite holiday destination?

America! Without a doubt. I love chicken wings, beer, and sports of any kind so America is definitely my favourite place to visit. I also love their cars.


What’s one thing you can’t live without?

Katsu curry. Only just discovered it this year but I love it.


What pizza topping do you order?

Something spicy and with extra meat usually. Would love to see a Katsu flavoured pizza or a pizza with hot wings on top.


Do you have pets? If so what are they called?

We just got a family turtle named Azekiel