JobKeeper end: cash flow and enabling directions

Cash Flow


By Cate Pete, Finance Manager, TABMA Australia

The end of JobKeeper means the end of that all important cash injection for those eligible businesses and being catapulted back into real life without it.  In the last TABMA Talk, we described the importance of having a tool to record and forecast cash flows.  If you haven’t already, now is the time to do that.

In addition to the end of the cash payment, 28 March also sees the end of the JobKeeper enabling directions.  These were introduced to ease the usual employment rules around hours, duties and location of an employee’s work to keep as many people as possible connected to their employer.  The end of the enabling directions means that businesses are now again bound by normal employment law and any employees which were affected will revert to their normal working conditions. Notice in writing needs to be given to employees to inform them of the end of the enabling directions.  For more information on this and how this affects your business, call the IR hotline on 1300 564 309.