Social Media for Recruitment

Social media has become one of the most used tactics to recruit new employees. According to Haiilo, three-quarters of workers between the ages of 18-34 found their most recent job via social media and 90% of recruiters report that they have hired someone off LinkedIn.

Our Senior Recruiter at TABMA, Katie, says that “Social media is a great tool for talent acquisition, whether you are looking for experienced staff or finding school leavers,  but you need to be strategic. Don’t assume the same content will work across multiple platforms. Gen-Z are being monitored so people can easily message you for extra information. In today’s candidate lead market, people want to learn about brands and the company’s ethos before committing to even applying for a job.   Here at TABMA, we use a mix of platforms and content to reach young people and their parents, schools and community.” 

Haiilo has put together some of the main benefits of social recruiting.

Reach passive job seekers.

These are people who are not actively looking for opportunities but would consider a better offer. There are more passive job seekers than active job seekers, so social media is a great way to open your candidate pool.

Hire high-quality candidates.

59% of recruiters rated candidates sourced through social media as “highest quality”.

Paid social media job ads also enable recruiters to target very specific audiences and hire people to fit their organisational culture.

Reduce time and cost per hire.

Recruiters who use social media for hiring usually spend fewer resources to hire new candidates, and they fill their positions faster compared to recruiters who focus on other channels.

Showcase your employer brand.

According to research, 75% of candidates research a company’s reputation before applying for a job, and 62% of job seekers have reportedly used social media to evaluate a company’s employer brand. This is why social media isn’t just a good hiring channel, it is also the most efficient employer branding channel where companies can showcase their existing employees, culture, values, benefits and everything else candidates want to know about before they decide to apply.

It is important to choose the right social media channels. LinkedIn is the most popular social network used to find new employees. It will also depend on the demographic of suitable employees you may be searching for.

According to Gen-Z research, only 29% of 15-year-old use Facebook regularly compared to 83% who use Instagram. 39% of 16-year-olds use Facebook compared to 87% on Instagram and 49% of 17-year-olds, compared to 92% on Insta.

What social media platforms are Gen Z regularly using?

Instagram – 89%

YouTube – 76%

Snapchat – 75%

TikTok – 60%

Facebook – 56%

When Gen-Z were asked what their favourite was, Instagram came out on top with 32% agreeing Insta is their favourite, followed by SnapChat at 20% and YouTube at 15%.

Thankfully, we don’t all have to get on TikTok just yet, but as Katie will point out, TABMA already is!