Getting the Best School Leaver Candidates

As we approach the end of the year now is the best time for businesses to consider their trainee/apprentice needs.

This year the urgency to make early moves to secure your trainee/apprentice is especially important. The demand for staff across all industries is high. It is what is know in recruitment terms as a “candidate’s market”.

The TABMA Recruitment Team have been very active in promoting the Timber and Hardware industries as great vocations to build a career in. With a heavy social media campaign, engaging video content and constant screening of applicants, our team is working hard for TABMA members and host employers to get the best candidates in the market.

As an example of the extent our team goes to, last financial year we:

    • Received over 10,300 applications for positions
    • Conducted 648 interviews and referred the candidates to host employers
    • Attempted to contact 1078 applicants with no response
    • Filled 135 positions

Recruitment is a time consuming and expensive activity for any business. When it comes to recruiting apprentices or trainees, it can also be very frustrating and requires a specialised skill set on the recruiter’s behalf. TABMA takes on all that for our members and host employers, providing them with the best candidates in the market and managing their training for you.

Check out for an example of candidates now available, ready to start their apprenticeship or traineeship.

Extension of the Boosting Apprenticeship Commencements (BAC) Subsidy

The federal government recently announced that they were extending the BAC subsidy to assist businesses to keep trainees/apprentices employed until their completion.

Until 30 March if you take an apprentice or trainee into your business you could receive up to $7000 subsidy per quarter for the first year of their training. Now, this has been extended to provide a 10% subsidy in the second year and 5% in the third. TABMA ensure that all subsidies are claimed and provide the subsidy in full to our host employers.