Burnout, number one reason people quit their jobs


According to Business Insider Australia, 95% of workers are thinking about quitting their jobs, according to a new survey and the number one reason is burnout!

Burnout was always a reason employees were thinking about quitting, but throughout the pandemic, this has been accelerated.

Earlier this year, PEPworldwide:au (leading productivity consultants) wrote an article on ‘How to prevent employee burnout and employer your team’s performance’.

The article explained that burnout has six root causes:

    1. An unsustainable workload
    2. Perceived lack of control
    3. Insufficient rewards for effort
    4. The absence of a supportive community
    5. Lack of fairness
    6. Mismatched values and skills

The PEPworlwide team has put together 7 tips for managers on how to prevent employee burnout.

    1. Monitor for signs of employee burnout
    2. Regular mental health check-in’s
    3. Reassess priorities and manage workload
    4. Establish boundaries
    5. Lead with empathy
    6. Purpose and autonomy
    7. Lead by example

To read the article in full and find out more about the 7 tips, please click here.