11 reasons to choose a career in the timber industry

Timber Careers



In the timber and frame and truss industry, there are so many different careers to choose from, with apprentice and trainee opportunities across marketing, sales, management, customer service, and trade roles such as joinery, timber merchandising and frame & truss manufacturing

At TABMA, we are dedicated to training and supporting young people in these diverse roles; to create tomorrow’s leaders, to grow the workforce and to build future careers for life in the timber industry.

So, to help you decide if a job in the timber industry is for you – we asked our TABMA Apprentice and Trainee Field Officers to tell us why they think it’s a great choice for a career.


  1. You are working with sustainable products. Timber is a natural and renewable building material.
  2. There’s plenty of career progression. You may start off as a yard hand, however you can end up as a branch manager, sales rep or business leader.
  3. It takes a team to achieve success! You get to work with people every day to make sure things run smoothly and to celebrate the wins.
  4. There’s a huge variety of industry jobs. It’s not just lugging around heavy materials; you can go into sales, design, technology, marketing, cabinet making, furniture making, etc.
  5. Jobs jobs jobs! An ageing workforce means MORE FUTURE JOBS FOR THE YOUNGER GENERATION, as people will need to be replaced when they retire.
  6. Longevity at a company. Most of our trainees stay on with their host employer upon completion of their training.
  7. Appreciation for the building and design industry. Timber is very versatile and you can create beautiful, finished products.
  8. Work/life balance. Few of our trainees and apprentices work super long hours.
  9. Family oriented. A large number of our host apprentice and training companies are independent and long-standing in the industry. You become a part of their family.
  10. Transferrable skills and constant learning. You can transfer and use your existing skills to build a career where you will continue to learn.
  11. A worldwide growing industry with no limits. The use of timber is increasing as the construction industry strives for sustainability and carbon neutrality.


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